Most often our patients at Sri Aakrithi’s Dental Lounge ask us, does teeth cleaning also called as  Scaling whiten their teeth ?? It’s common to get confused between teeth cleaning and teeth whitening because they do share some similarities. So let’s understand them one by one.


What is teeth cleaning or Scaling?

The main aim of the teeth cleaning procedure is to remove the plaque, calculus and extrinsic stains present on your teeth. It is a preventive procedure against cavities and gum diseases. Most often dentist’s advise their patients to get professional teeth cleaning done every 6 months.


Benefits of teeth cleaning 

  • Prevent cavities and gum infections.
  • Good oral hygiene.
  • Reduces bad breath.
  • Good for your systemic and dental health.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening procedure is a cosmetic procedure done to make your teeth become whiter. This actually changes your shade of the teeth. It does not provide any dental health benefits but help you smile with confidence and make your teeth brighter.


Benefits of teeth whitening 

  • Whiter and Brighter Smile.
  • Boosts your Self confidence.
  • RIf you have an important event coming up, whitening helps you stand out from the rest.


So the final take away from this, does teeth cleaning make your teeth whiter? Is that teeth cleaning removes the extrinsic stains and maintains your dental health. If you actually want to make your teeth whiter you should get teeth whitening done. We at Sri Aakrithi’s Dental Lounge provide various whitening treatment options which can be  professionally done by our dentist in the clinic and the other one is an at home type of bleaching kit. However, professionally done teeth whitening gives an effective result that lasts longer.

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