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The loss of a baby tooth is considered good in the belief that some form of gift or coin is tucked under the pillow by the tooth fairy. But it’s not the same in the case of adult teeth. As it can cause innumerable problems related to your oral hygiene in near future.

Tooth loss in your adulthood can happen due to various reasons like tooth decay, dental trauma, or tooth loss due to severe gum problems. These days there are multiple options available in dentistry to replace the missing teeth. You might not feel the necessity of replacing them immediately right after your tooth loss if it’s not within your smile line.

But if you consult with your dentist related to the fact, your doc will give you the replacement option which one is the best for you.


What can happen if you don’t go for the missing teeth replacement?

  • It will have a detrimental effect on your dental as well as your overall health like you might suffer from malnourishment due to selected and limited food eating habits.
  • It can cause bone loss in space and jaw bone atrophy.
  • Bite irregularities or malocclusion can happen which indirectly can lead to a lot of problems like headaches, muscle pain, TMJ(Temporo-mandibular joint) pain, and sometimes tooth sensitivity too. The continuous irregular bite causes shifting of your healthy teeth too.
  • Missing teeth can cause difficulty in chewing. Due to improper chewing, you might face some digestion issues that can lead to acid reflux.
  • You might not have noticed the difference in your speech due to prolonged missing teeth. There might be whistling, slurring, or spitting while you talk and that can cause embarrassment in public places.
  • Our teeth can move too!!! Yes, you heard it right! Your teeth remain firmly attached to the jaw bone. But if you have missing teeth and you have not considered teeth replacement as an option to fill the space, then your neighboring teeth can migrate or shift towards the empty space in your jaw.
  • And last but not the least, the aesthetic of your face might also get impacted due to long-term atrophy of your jaw bone.



What are the available treatment options for missing teeth?

  • DENTAL IMPLANTS-Dental implant prostheses can be used in different ways based on the patient’s needs. Your dentist will evaluate all the factors necessary for a dental implant and will decide for you whether you will be a good candidate or not?

-implant bridges, implant-supported overdenture, keyhole dental implants, mini dental implants, and implant prosthesis for a single tooth replacement can help to stimulate the bony support and osseointegration (at the junction of your bone and the implant screw) can happen easily. This can limit the atrophy of your jawbone and mimic your tooth structure as well.


  • DENTURES- dentures can also replace the missing teeth and prevent your teeth from getting misaligned. They come in various configurations. Your dentist can give you the best possible option after knowing your expectations. Dentures can be removable and fixed as well. You can have a complete or partial removable or fixed denture based on your clinical demand.


  • DENTAL BRIDGES- if you have multiple missing teeth, dental bridge is the perfect treatment option for you. Here custom made prosthetic teeth are made in the lab which will replace your missing teeth. Thus they will simulate the appearance and function of your natural teeth.


Is it worth getting your missing teeth replacement done immediately?

A big yes! You might think that nothing would happen if you don’t go for such an option but the reality is completely opposite. Temporarily, it might look like a cheaper alternative just to not opt for it but it can cost you more if you don’t go for a replacement at the proper time.



The reality- as you lose your teeth, there are multiple bony changes going on inside of your mouth. Your jaw bone starts getting resorbed, your remaining teeth also might get loose and the distance between your nose and chin reduces. This can lead to the collapse of your lower third of the face which can create the droopy corners of the lip and ultimately results in an ‘unhappy’ face.

This time none of the treatment options will be suitable as too much bone loss has happened. The bone volume and bone density will reduce and it will not support the implant prosthesis also.

So take a wise decision while you have your teeth.


If you are also having these issues with missing teeth and confused about what to do next?

You can always come to the Sri Aakrithi’s dental lounge and maxillofacial center  at marathahalli-sarjapur road and explore your options of getting replaced teeth with our experienced and qualified doctor’s team. You can give us a call at 9620227212, if you have any queries and we will be there to help you out.