Author – Dr.Simran Chugh



Rubber Dam is a thin sheet of latex or non latex that is used to isolate teeth from the remaining mouth during dental procedure. Rubber dam is placed for root canal treatment, fillings, crown preparation, veneers. Let’s understand the benefits of using Rubber dam –

  • Clean area for working- 

The Tooth of interest is maintained isolated away from saliva, blood and debris.

  • Clear vision- 

The visibility of the working area is clear away from the remaining mouth. The tongue especially doesn’t interfere with you during the treatment.

  • Prevents swallowing of dental instruments to the  throat
  • Reduces treatment time.
  • Improves the longevity of the restoration and cements
  • Increased operating efficiency.
  • Improved quality care for Patients.
  • Protects the dentist from infections such as HIV, hepatitis or blood-borne pathogens during treatment
  • Reduces aerosols splatter from the mouth during the procedure.


Rubber dam placement may seem a bit time consuming and expensive at first but it’s perks are worth the placement. It’s makes dental treatments done at ease 😁


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